Deleted until I can re-code everything for DW.

From: (Anonymous)

Thank you for posting this, it makes reading so much easier ;)
But the link for "You Plant A Demon Seed, You Raise A Flower Of Fire" doesn't seem to work...

From: [identity profile] riyirowe.livejournal.com

I noticed the broken link, too. It takes you back to the top of the page. I really want to read it, too! I should be able to find it, I just wanted to let you know.

From: [identity profile] riyirowe.livejournal.com

I founded it! http://mass-hipgnosis.livejournal.com/24819.html (and I loved it!)

From: [identity profile] saraid.livejournal.com


I really enjoy your writing, 'imprint' and 'broken english' especially. I know I commented on imprint some months ago :) I noticed that there was a very long break in your writing (and I can't complain, I'm currently finishing up a two year sabbatical from all writing) and I wondered if you think you're going to get back to some of those wips (esp. Broken english and thr sequel to imprint) or if they are essentially abandoned. Obviously I hope that's not that case, but however it goes I've gotten a lot of pleasure from what you've written so far.


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