This is the journal of a bisexual cis woman in the Pacific Northwest who has been in fandom for *muttermumble* years. I run by 'hipgnosis' over on, 'mass_hipgnosis' on Ao3 and twitter, and 'agoldenblackbird' on Tumblr. Or you can call me Birdy. I do sometimes talk politics on my various social media platforms, but it's mostly restricted to a seething hatred for Donald Trump. I have somehow managed to almost completely miss the bullying, bigotry, trolling, drama, wank, and other assorted asshattery that can be found online in my little corner of the internet. I'm not entirely sure how I got so lucky, but I'm prepared to defend my patch against anyone looking to change that. TROLL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The bulk of my old fic lives here since the exodus from LJ, new stuff hits Ao3, and I'm terrible at finishing things in a timely manner, or sometimes at all. This is not because I don't write - I write every day! I'm just an iceberg writer. About 10% makes it onto the internet, and the rest lurks offline in .odt docs getting edited, rewritten and poked at until I decide it's ready for public view.

If you want to friend me, come on in! But you don't need to for the fic - nothing's locked.

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Hi, I just read your story "Risen." It's really excellent. I hope you'll continue to write in the Buffy-verse.

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I'm flexible_k and I love everything you right and I get so happy when your fandoms overlap with mine (jobro! roswell! CW rps!) I'm trying to be more active in lj because I tend to lurk, but I adore your imprinting fic and this new multiple personalities!jobros fic needs to be explored further please please please. If ever in need of a beta or someone to bounce ideas off of I'd love to chat with you sometime. Just though I'd say hi since I'm probably gonna stalk your journal a bit.

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:waves: Hi. I'm Nessa. I thought I'd friend you since I'm now reading Imprint for, like, the eighteenth time. (Okay, realistically, probably only like six or seven, but, you know. A lot.) I've liked some of your other stuff too, but Imprint is definitely my favorite, and I can't wait for the sequel.

Anyway, I don't have enough friends in SPN/CWRPS fandom, so I'm poking at my favorite authors. I'd love it if you friended me back - I don't say a lot or comment a lot, but I'm working on that and I do read everything.

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Just read 'i saw the moon go black (i felt my heart collapse)'.
I think I'm in love with the way you write. xD
Off to read more and quite possibly friend you. :)

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Loved Imprint. One of my all-time favorites. Heard there will be a sequel. Do I need to be friended to follow?

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I just read your werecat!Adam fic and I thought it was awesome and also ridiculously hot. Is there any chance you'll be adding to it?

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Just here to be a good LJ-stalker and to say: you need to get on with your muses. There are some people out there me that quite appreciate your fangirl existence, especially the fic-writing existence you posses. Please to be living. Thank you.
(in all, this has been me giving you reigned in fangirl love <3 )


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