So apparently I won an award for Best Short Romance for Thistles over at the House/Cameron Fanfic Awards, which kind of astonishes me because it was my first-ever House fic. Not to go all Oscar-speech on you guys, but I was thrilled just to be nominated, I certainly never expected to didn't expect it, in fact, that I didn't know because I never checked back until now. So thank you, [ profile] athousandsmiles, for nominating me, and thank you to everyone who voted, I love you all. *kisses* For anyone who was wondering, Awful Nice, which was up for a Cammie in the Fluff category, lost out to [ profile] jesmel's Day Off, but she happens to be one of my very favorite House/Cameron writers and definitely deserved it.

Once again, credit for the stunning banner goes to [ profile] vicodin_martini.

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WOWWWWW. Congrats!! That is amazing, and WELL DESERVED, I think! HAhaha. I wish I could read House fic, I'd read yours in a heartbeat, I swear!

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Thanks BB! I feel kind of like I should drag you into House fandom just as REVENGE for you turning me to the dark side re: JoBros, but Cam has left the show and therefore the ship is pretty much sunk, so, no point.

On another matter, I wrote a sort of timestamp thingy for Red As Blood, where the OT3 run into Jensen Ackles in a coffeeshop. I haven't done anything with it other than file it under *headdesk* in my WIP folder, but I'd like to maybe finish it off and post it if you were okay with that...?

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Oh, that would be excellent!! :D Just let me know when you post it! I'm not in any of the spn comms anymore, and I don't want to miss it!


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