I know we all have a deep and abiding love for Google, okay? As we should. But if there was a lazy-little-bitch way to help save the environment (and your laptop battery), wouldja?

See Blackle.

See Blackle Search.

Search, Blackle, Search!

So basically, Blackle is a Google-powered search engine with a black background. Because sites with black backgrounds take less energy to display, if everyone who uses Google now used Blackle instead, it would save 8.3 MWh/day, globally. Just to put that in perspective for everybody, 8.3 MWh is enough energy to power 830 homes for a year.

Yes, really. A. YEAR.

Keep in mind that Blackle is not Google: it is Google-powered. There is no Blackle Maps, Blackle Image Search, Blackle Docs, or B-Mail. Sadly. It also doesn't do that predictive search thing, but I find that incredibly annoying and frankly I'm glad to have a search engine without it.

Come to Blackle with me, flist? PLEEEASE?

From: [identity profile] katla-frej.livejournal.com


welcome to the dark side :P

been using blackle for a couple of months and i do adore it to so Welcome *big hug*

From: [identity profile] mass-hipgnosis.livejournal.com

Re: yeah!

OMGYAY! *confetti* Is this the right Dark Side? The one with cookies? ;D

Question, did you get onto Blackle for environmental reasons or 'cause it looks cool? Or both? My LJ layout is minimal graphics and grey-on-black for the same reasons; look stylin, reduce the hydro bill and save the planet. A lot of people ask me, What difference does it really make? The answer to that is, when measuring individual efforts, obviously not a helluva lot. But the cumulative effect is nothing to sneeze at,and I find seeing the Blackle screen come up *does* serve as a little reminder to be more energy-conscious as I go about my day.

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Re: yeah!

why yes *gives giant cookie*

well naturally i heard about it because of the enviromental reasons however i probably wouldn't have kept using it if the the most eco-friendly background had been neon-pink (makes my head hurt :P)

but also as you say it serves as a mini-reminder when you need to find something and you go look for it and oh blackle maybe i should remember to turn my light of.. so yeah exactly :)

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Amazing. I'm going to be using it. Thanks for letting us know :)

I generally avoid dark websites because they hurt my eyes (and web developers of late tend to avoid doing them because of the stigma and difficulties of making a black theme work nicely but you don't want to hear all about that). What I mean to say is that it's interesting to know it saves energy and I'm happy to help. :)

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Hi, you don't know me - I just popped by to check for an update to In Your Eyes - and I don't mean to be rude, but while it is true for old CRT monitors, LCD monitors don't necessarily use less energy to produce black images versus white. The reasoning is described here: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=fact-or-fiction-black-is but it's essentially because in CRT monitors an electron beam is used to produce white and the absence of a beam produces black thus using less energy. However, in LCD monitors fluorescent bulbs provide light to create a white screen, and black is produced by blocking the light instead of ceasing its output as in CRT monitors so black uses slightly more energy than white. In any case it's great that you are making an effort to reduce your energy usage, so I'll just get off my science soapbox now.

PS I've never left feedback before on your In Your Eyes trilogy, but since I'm here and since it's not the first - or second or third - time reading it, I'd be pretty remiss to not tell you that I seriously love it and it's for sure in my Top 5 favorite Michael/Liz stories.


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