Was kidnapped by the Muse for an indeterminate amount of time. AGAIN. Here's an excerpt from our day...

Muse: *pokes baby* Make noises!
Me: She's not a toy.
Muse: That's what you think! *throws her in the air and makes airplane noises*
Me: *sigh* Give me that before you break it.
Muse: Here. While you're up, she needs a new diaper.
Me: Fuck.
Muse: No takebacks! You touched it last!
Me: I hate you.
Muse: *victory arms*
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From: [identity profile] mass-hipgnosis.livejournal.com

Mailing to DC is no problem! I rarely work in plastics, and for a bid of $50 I can do metal, glass and semiprecious stone. I'll have to go through my supplies but IIRC I have some gorgeous blue stones. The necklace will be three-strand, and about the bracelet, would you prefer it to be clasped or on elasticized thread?
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From: [identity profile] mass-hipgnosis.livejournal.com

forward it to hotmail preferably, my gmail seems to have some sort of important-email-eating black hole. If I'm doing a clasp bracelet I'll need a measurement of your wrist to make sure it's not too big/small, & I'll need the same for the necklace if you want it choker-style...


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