....so I will put it out into the ether before I freak and delete it, or something. I don't know! /o\ I think this is related to the last D/s pornlet, but my fingers didn't consult me before they started writing this. This is not a proper fic, and therefore does not get a header, but blah blah NC-17 blah blah disclaimer-cakes.

* * *

"I want to try something."

Your brother's voice is low, thoughtful. He's wearing the same considering expression he would when suggesting a different chord progression in a song. You don't know why those innocent words send a thrill of heat through you.

"Yeah, Nicky. Sure, anything you want."

"Take off your clothes. Stand at the end of the bed and wait for me."

You wait with your head bent, hands clasped at the small of your back. You close your eyes; you know he likes it, and it's easier for you that way, to ask this of your little brother when you don't have to look at him.

Although you have never had to ask. Not since the first time.

"Kneel on the edge of the mattress, with your feet hanging off. No, legs apart. Wider. Wider."

You wobble on the soft surface and feel the first threads of unease. You can hardly balance like this, won't be able to hold the position with Nick wrapped all around you, fucking into you. This is your safe place, and you don't like to worry, don't want to have to think beyond the next touch.

"No, shh, it's okay. Cross your arms over your chest, like...fist on the opposite shoulder. Now lean forward, like...yeah. Roll your shoulders forward." Nick's hands position you just the way Nick wants you, until you are facedown in the covers, curled forward onto yourself, your chest compressing your arms. You feel safe, restrained just by Nick's hand resting on the small of your back, and at the same time, broken open. Your hips are flexed back, the cheeks of your ass parted, and you know Nick can see everything.

The peace that fills you when you do this comes on slowly, like you're inhaling it with every breath along with Nick's scent. After long minutes your mind is hazy, your whole body loose and pliant and waiting. You don't flinch when you feel cool slick fingers at your hole, rubbing little circles before sliding inside. It's never been this easy before, and you can tell from Nick's shaky curse that he feels it too, something about the position, maybe, makes it easy for Nick to stretch you, slide inside, bottoming out on the first thrust and just staying in deep.

"God, you're so good, Joe. So good and still for me." Nick's dick shifts inside you as he leans forward, begins to kiss his way up your spine to the nape of your neck. He's draped over you, unmoving except for the tiniest unconscious little rocks of his hips, and you feel completely enveloped in him, his living weight, the warm-cool rush of his breath, his heart knocking against your ribs like it's asking to be let in, the smell of warm sleepy skin (because warm does have a smell, hiding behind Nick's ears and the crooks of his elbows like fine perfume), and he'll move soon, you're both achingly hard, he'll fuck you and it'll be amazing, but this...all wrapped up in him until your only thought is Nick, Nick, Nick, this is what you need.

This is when you're molten and soft, and Nick could break you if he wanted but instead he's shaping you into someone new from the inside out.
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