So I just spent the night/morning talking my mother off a metaphorical ledge. And since apparently I am biased, I need your opinions. If, theoretically, a mother could have a long, involved, philosophical discussion about whether or not they are a bad parent with their ADULT child, and the adult child does not scream at them or whimper and run to the nearest therapist, the mother is probably NOT a bad parent, y/n?

My mother seems to think that because she isn't rich and able to give me my every material desire, hasn't been the first perfect person in the history of the universe and therefore set a flawless example, and I'm not featured in Forbes and/or deliriously happy with my life, she has somehow failed. I tell her that the fact that we have a strong relationship and I can talk to her about losing my virginity, stupid teenage experimental drug use, stalker ex-boyfriends, how hard it is to resist the urge to be mean and vindictive to someone who probably deserves it, and other life crises is more important than said Forbes feature/delirious happiness. She says I'm biased.


Help me convince her that she is suffering from a severe case of Unecessary Overachiever.

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I am fascinated by genetic anomalies, be they animal or vegetable. This particular one makes me sad-it's a Golden Spruce, which was the living part of a Haida legend and was unfortunately cut down by an eco-terrorist in '97. It had only 10% of the normal amount of chlorophyll, giving it it's unusual color. Plants with chlorophyll anomalies (like red cacti) normally do not survive unless they're grafted onto another plant that can conduct adequate photosynthesis without being burned by the sun.

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For the past two weeks, I've been cat-sitting at my Grandmother's house (in the...well, it's not really a suburb so much as it's an acreage outside of town) while she's in Hawaii. And the awesome thing about my Gramma's house (besides the jacuzzi tub, and the unsecured high-speed internet from the neighbours, and the Tier 5 cable TV) is The Chair. After her knee replacement, she got a stair chair, a motorized chair on a ramp that goes up the stairs so she doesn't have to. And most of the time, I take the stairs. But when your cousin down the road gets you drunk? It's awesome, because for people who haven't had a knee replacement? This is a ride. Uuup and dooowwwnn, uuuppp, and downwwnn. AAAHHHAAHAHAHAHA!


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