Title: Near You Always --this world holds me still-- Part 6 of 19

Chapter Summary: Jensen reaches the crisis point.

Series Summary: When Jensen gets tired of soulless hotel rooms and moves in with Jared at the beginning of Season 2, the boys realize that what they feel for each other is much more complicated than friendship. As of this summer I am not writing fiction! Tinhats obsolete FTW!

Disclaimer: I said to Jared, "Jared," I said, "Do you see that sparkly pink box? It's full of candy and balloons. Would you like to make out with Jensen in it?" And Jared said, "My momma told me not to take candy from strange fangirls," and then he patted me on the head and sent me on my way. So despite my best efforts, the boys are still not mine.

Warnings: Chris/Steve, some drug use. It would be hypocritical of me to assume that the boys don't take advantage of the ridiculous availability of recreational drugs up here. It's like Amsterdam without the canals, I tell ya. They might not, of course, but it wouldn't be for lack of opportunity.

Rating: Like I been sayin', we're on our way to NC-17. Be patient, I'll get ya there.

Previous Parts:

::Prologue::Part 1::Part 2::Part 3::Part 4::Part 5::

Author's Notes: I've rewritten this chapter seven times. I'm still not happy with it, but I know quite a few people are patiently waiting for me to update, it's got the necessary plot points hit to get me to the next part, and I'm a poor judge of my own writing sometimes. So I'mma post it, and I trust you guys to tell me if it sucks. If it does, I'll start on rewrite # 8.

That better not be the last beer, or I will end you. )

Near You Always -- the mysterious one, with dark eyes and careless hair --

Summary: Jensen is a hard person to get to know. Like a closed book. (Part 4 of 19)

Rating: *blows a raspberry* I hate doing these. This will be NC-17 at Chapter 10 (there are addictions to feed, and there are mouths to pay). Until then, it's...not.

Disclaimer: I have as much claim to the boys as everyone else in coastal BC. Which is...oh, let me think...none. Used without permission, no profit being made, blah blah disclaimery goodness.

Author's Notes: I am updating as fast as I can! And that may include a delay in answering comments sometimes. That doesn't mean I don't read them and love them, because I do! Every comment is like a little orgasm in my brain (okay, that was way less creepy in my head). And, um, yeah. My brain is stalled. I have so many updates for different series that are ALMOST finished, and I just need, like...chocolate. A new muse. A kick in the ass with an old boot. Something. But, anyway. I ran out of other people's fic to binge on, so here. Have some Domestic 'verse.

Jensen was gorgeous to begin with-Jensen cooking and singing was a cross between really fucking cute and really fucking hot. )
Near You Always -- don't think you realize the power you have over me --

Summary: Jensen realizes just how big a part of his life Jared has become.  Part 3 of 19 (and counting).

Rating: *blows a raspberry*  I hate doing these. This will be NC-17 at Chapter 10 (there are addictions to feed, and there are mouths to pay).  Until then, it's...not.

Disclaimer: If Jared and Jensen were really having hot sex, they wouldn't hide.  We would have a parade, and they know it.  This is all in my twisted imagination.

Near You Always -- the shaking finger of consequence --

Summary: Jensen tries not to care what people think. (Part two of...er, lots.)

Rating: PG at this point. This will get steadily more mature in content and be NC-17 at about Chapter 10. If you're not into that, just thought I'd warn you ahead of time.

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize, and the boys own each other themselves.  My Auntie Deb is ok with being used as a 'character' in one of my stories (although I didn't tell her what it was about) but no one else gave me permission.

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( Jun. 30th, 2007 02:07 pm)

Okay, so the Muse is on the warpath because I have not updated any of the three as-yet unfinished fics I already have posted here, but I have been reading lots of J2 lately and thought I'd try my hand at writing it.  Near You Always has gone through many incarnations prior to people besides the Muse reading it.  Currently my outline is for 15 chapters and I have the first three written.  I decided to post the first chapter on a couple of J2 communities and if I don't get any interest, then I'll backburner it and finish my Supernatural fic instead.

Near You Always
-- we must ask ourselves to get any answers --

Summary: The boys wonder why everyone thinks they're lovers.

Disclaimer: The Jared and Jensen that live in my head must do my slashy bidding.  The real ones, not so much, as I have never met them (although if I visited my family in Vancouver more often, that might change).

Rating: This will be NC-17 at about Chapter 10.  If you're not into that, just thought I'd warn you ahead of time.





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