This goes to Ao3, which at last count had 5700+ bookmarks in 50+ different fandoms. You can filter by bookmarker's tag 'have read' for fics I liked enough to save - I can't vouch for the quality of anything in the 'to read' section. Have fun!

This goes to my Pinboard account, which I will probably have until the heat death of the universe, and is mostly (MOSTLY) non-Ao3 fic.

This goes ding when there's stuff. Also, it can boil an egg at fifty paces.
...or at least my library.

I haven't really been reading a lot of books in the past year or so (actual books, you know, with covers and stuff). I used to read constantly, often as many as ten books a week, but lately I've been into the fannish version of fiction. And apparently I've been spoiled, because these days when I pick up an actual published novel, even by an author I used to love...more often than not I'm disappointed.

The prose is flabby, the sex scenes are more yawn-worthy than moan-worthy, and either the characterization is inconsistent, or the characters exhibit a vomitous level of Mary-Sueishness...sometimes BOTH.

And we're talking BESTSELLING authors, here. I know there's a lot of dreck in fandom, but there's a lot of really incredible writing, too. I think I only realized how incredible when I tried to go back to reading novels, and couldn't enjoy them like I used to. My quality standards are high; and apparently Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins Clark, et al just can't live up to the likes of [ profile] dira_sudis and [ profile] felisblanco.

P.S. Do not even get me started on S. Meyer or Laurell K. Hamilton. Seriously. I WILL SPORK OUT MY EYES.


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