Or; Five Ways RL Has Beaten Me Up, Then Kicked Me While I Was Down

1. Swine Flu

2. Car Accident

3. Having to move...TWICE

4. Support one (1) cousin through rehab and assorted life-fixing aftermath (for alcohol)

5. Support one (1) cousin through rehab (post-brain damage, incurred due to drunken shenanigans; not the same cousin, because my family is AWESOME like that)

You want more? I got more!

So...I am still writing. Sort of. It's been mostly for pleasure (i.e. as an escape from the suckitude of RL) so I don't have anything finished, but I am still WRITING. And I really WILL complete everything I owe from help_haiti, I WILL REALLY, I AM SORRY FOR BEING A HORRIBLE PERSON WHO FAILS AT DEADLINES.
I was looking something up on Wikipedia yesterday, as you do...and somehow I lost three hours of my LIFE. How I got from 'Bora Bora' to learning about genetics and evolution, I could not tell you. But something interesting that I found...

The Green Beard Effect. Dean is like Green Beard Altruism PERSONIFIED. Ensuring that his family continues to live (and therefore procreate) AT THE EXPENSE OF HIS OWN LINE CONTINUING. This smells vaguely like a story idea. I will have to let the knowledge percolate.
For the fifty or so people who have demanded, WHERE IS THE MOAR? rest assured I have a sequel planned, that will be from Jared's perspective hopefully and will deal with the documentary and going home to the Ackles' for Christmas and Jensen's past and there will be some ChrisandSTEEEVE and movie offers and JDM being awesome and yes, there will maybe even be ACTUAL SEX, who knows? I've had this sequel in the works in my head since I realized I didn't have time to write 50,000 more words before the deadline. Imprint is just the start of their story, and the sequel will be MUCH longer, and tenatively titled A Durable Fire, from the quote, "But true love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead, from itself never turning." I plan to start writing it once I've finished my other summer writing commitments; it will be the longest fic I've ever written and quite honestly I doubt it will be done before about this time next year, so expect it for BigBang 2010!
I am fascinated by genetic anomalies, be they animal or vegetable. This particular one makes me sad-it's a Golden Spruce, which was the living part of a Haida legend and was unfortunately cut down by an eco-terrorist in '97. It had only 10% of the normal amount of chlorophyll, giving it it's unusual color. Plants with chlorophyll anomalies (like red cacti) normally do not survive unless they're grafted onto another plant that can conduct adequate photosynthesis without being burned by the sun.

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For the past two weeks, I've been cat-sitting at my Grandmother's house (in the...well, it's not really a suburb so much as it's an acreage outside of town) while she's in Hawaii. And the awesome thing about my Gramma's house (besides the jacuzzi tub, and the unsecured high-speed internet from the neighbours, and the Tier 5 cable TV) is The Chair. After her knee replacement, she got a stair chair, a motorized chair on a ramp that goes up the stairs so she doesn't have to. And most of the time, I take the stairs. But when your cousin down the road gets you drunk? It's awesome, because for people who haven't had a knee replacement? This is a ride. Uuup and dooowwwnn, uuuppp, and downwwnn. AAAHHHAAHAHAHAHA!
As a Canadian, I wanted to see how I stack up on the Foodie's Canadian 100 (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] mutelorelei). I've eaten everything in bold; I commented on all of it because I'm verbose like that.

The Canadian Hundred )
Oh, the joy of writing in Starbucks on a snowy afternoon, let me show you it.

I decided to get out of the house in the hope that my Muse would stop being a bitch. I parked my ass at Starbucks, drank a caramel machiatto (or two) and listened to Pretty. Odd. And I did get some writing done, as a matter of fact. \o/ Not all of it, and not all on my BigBang, but some. I have six weeks left, and I feel like I'm about half-done on Imprint. Hooray for caffiene!
The Muse and my ex-fiance have ganged up on me in a campaign for us to move to Vancouver (not just to stalk J2. Swear.) and I am actually considering it. I love my island, but I'm stagnating here. If I'm gonna make a go of this thing called Real Life I need to start with a Real Career. Hence a CPR-C and AED course (everyone should take these; life is good, saving one is better) and then Bladerunners, an awesomesauce local trades program that pays for a bunch of associated programs (First Aid, flagging, WHIMS, etc) and then finds you a job placement for work experience. They buy your tools. They have pink hard hats. I could totally be a construction worker-I like building things. And Van is booming with the whole Olympics frenzy it's got going on. But even though Van is like two hours away by ferry, my parents will cry. And worry. And cry some more. And I'd probably miss them too, and if I try living with the Muse again I might actually kill her and dispose of the body instead of just running away. *sighs* Why must there be compromise? Why can't everything just go my way all the time?

*snicker* Can you tell I'm an only child?

But, anyway. I have the Bladerunners orientation today (where I find out if I make it into the program) and the CPR-C AED on Saturday. Updates to follow.
Sorry for the fic-spam, people. I will now be concentrating on Bigbang until it's done, which knowing me could take until May. ttyl!
I'm hoping posting these to the public will help me stick to them.
1. Learn needlepoint.
For serious. It's supposed to be very relaxing. And I need something to do with my hands while I'm at work. ETA: Have needles, thread, one of those hoopy things, and a lesson scheduled with Gramma Lil.
2. Study French.
I took French in elementary school. I used to be pretty good at it, too. I am from a bilingual country, and I should take advantage of the opportunity to piss off government workers by insisting they serve me in another language. Also, culture, broadening my horizons, blah blah whatever. ETA: Have acquired Berlitz course on CD.
3. Get a gym membership.
Notice I am not resolving to lose weight. Everyone makes that resolution. I am happy with my body, I have a healthy BMI, and I don't really care if I lose weight. However. Osteoperosis, arthritis and heart disease run in my family on both sides. The effects of all three are diminished by weight-lifting and regular exercise (low-impact for joint health). And it might be, y'know, fun. Maybe. ETA: Appointment with the Muse's personal trainer, who kinda scares me, so we'll see.
4. Participate in BigBang '08.
This is just cause it sounds like fun, even though I seem to be incapable of finishing fic. ETA: Signed up for BigBang, finished fic outline and first scene, acquired/adopted 2 betas who are NOT the Muse.
5. Write to all my family twice a month, by either e-mail or snail-mail.
Cause they're not gonna be around forever. And you gotta send mail to get it!ETA: I suck. For serious.

So, that's it. 5 Resolutions. Think I can do it?
I moved here to get AWAY from snow. Out on the west coast, not known for snow!!! What. The FUCK. Srsly.

Ok, I just had to whine about it for a minute. I'm done. Really.
Just sold my soul to Telus and got a new laptop and three guaranteed years of high-speed DSL. And by guaranteed, I mean I have to pay for them whether I use them or not. *is sheepish* Working for a cellular provider, I know better, but I still got distracted by The Big Shiny. The laptop has Vista, but I will get my little tech-bitch to fix that. So very soon, darling flist, I will be spamming you with fic like EVERY DAY! I know you are so excited to hear that. Really. Don't try to hide it.

K. I will try not to spam you too much.

Shiny Intarwebs! \o/
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Can I quit life for a week?  Just one week.  Just long enough to miss Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year.  Lots of impatient stupid people who ask me questions and then don't listen when I talk.  Yeah, I'll pass.

Except for the part where I can't.  EVERYBODY has to work Black Friday.  *pouts*
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