Or; Five Ways RL Has Beaten Me Up, Then Kicked Me While I Was Down

1. Swine Flu

2. Car Accident

3. Having to move...TWICE

4. Support one (1) cousin through rehab and assorted life-fixing aftermath (for alcohol)

5. Support one (1) cousin through rehab (post-brain damage, incurred due to drunken shenanigans; not the same cousin, because my family is AWESOME like that)

You want more? I got more!

So...I am still writing. Sort of. It's been mostly for pleasure (i.e. as an escape from the suckitude of RL) so I don't have anything finished, but I am still WRITING. And I really WILL complete everything I owe from help_haiti, I WILL REALLY, I AM SORRY FOR BEING A HORRIBLE PERSON WHO FAILS AT DEADLINES.
hello darling flist, just a quick note to let you know i haven't been hit by a bus or anything *crosses fingers* =D i am just bogged down with RL stuff and looking for a new job (becuz corporate america is a tool of SATAN) and all that happy crap. teh Muse is getting married apparently, and her honey works on boats and in logging camps, etc (he's one of them manly men) so he's gone a lot, it's Drama Central around here. but she does have a big shiny ring. *considers* maybe i should get married...

yeah except for NO.

anyway i am plugging away on my fics when i have the time and patience but my brain kind of got eaten by the Numb3rs fandom so don't expect a fic update anytime soon. Sorry.

Summary: Jared sees Jensen kissing someone else, and has something to say about it.

Rating: NC-17 for graphic, dark, "I'm gonna do you, right here, and you're gonna like it" sex, and excessive use of the word 'fuck' as a noun, verb, and adjective.

Vancouver is just a ferry ride away.  If I even suspected they were doing this, I would not be writing, I would be gawking.  If I owned them, I would be filming it.  Alas...



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