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banner by [ profile] bloodquartz

Title: Imprint

Summary: In a world where love at first sight is a documented scientific phenomenon, and potentially lethal, Jared and Jensen still meet for the first time when they've both been chosen for Supernatural; things just go a little differently after that.

Pairing: J2

Rating: R, that's right, no porn in this one, guys! *hides from flist*

Disclaimer: Like, seriously? This is 5000000% made up. I promise.

Warnings: Mentions of childhood sexual abuse. It takes place prior to the fic and there are no flashbacks or graphic description.

Author's Notes and Thank Yous: This is kind of a Frankenstein mishmash of imprinting from the Twilight series, and real actual love at first sight, and, like, fantasy romance novel soul mate bonds. Plus some medical-type stuff. Also, I am aware that my updates for the Near You Always 'verse are a billion years overdue. Sorry. It's just that you go on a little hiatus and all of a sudden you are no longer writing fiction. WTF! Extended notes on this 'verse and the insanity that is my brain can be found in the Special Features I will put up sometime this week. Beta by [ profile] vindictive87, who was with me from the very beginning of this monster, and with thanks to my BFF extraordinaire comma Esquire, the Muse, who gave this a last look-see when [ profile] vindictive87 wasn't able to get the final draft beta'd and back to me in time. Also, hugs and chocolate to my flisty darling [ profile] justthismorning, who made my mock-Wikipedia article on Imprinting look like an actual Wikipedia article (the girl's got skills!) and [ profile] bloodquartz, who made my gorgeous banner, as well as a ton of other beautiful art that I will probably spend the rest of the week drooling over.

Art: The gorgeous art from [ profile] bloodquartz is over here. Go look at it and tell her how awesome it is!


Imprinting on Wikipedia

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Part One )
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Part Two )
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Part Three )

Title: Near You Always --this world holds me still-- Part 6 of 19

Chapter Summary: Jensen reaches the crisis point.

Series Summary: When Jensen gets tired of soulless hotel rooms and moves in with Jared at the beginning of Season 2, the boys realize that what they feel for each other is much more complicated than friendship. As of this summer I am not writing fiction! Tinhats obsolete FTW!

Disclaimer: I said to Jared, "Jared," I said, "Do you see that sparkly pink box? It's full of candy and balloons. Would you like to make out with Jensen in it?" And Jared said, "My momma told me not to take candy from strange fangirls," and then he patted me on the head and sent me on my way. So despite my best efforts, the boys are still not mine.

Warnings: Chris/Steve, some drug use. It would be hypocritical of me to assume that the boys don't take advantage of the ridiculous availability of recreational drugs up here. It's like Amsterdam without the canals, I tell ya. They might not, of course, but it wouldn't be for lack of opportunity.

Rating: Like I been sayin', we're on our way to NC-17. Be patient, I'll get ya there.

Previous Parts:

::Prologue::Part 1::Part 2::Part 3::Part 4::Part 5::

Author's Notes: I've rewritten this chapter seven times. I'm still not happy with it, but I know quite a few people are patiently waiting for me to update, it's got the necessary plot points hit to get me to the next part, and I'm a poor judge of my own writing sometimes. So I'mma post it, and I trust you guys to tell me if it sucks. If it does, I'll start on rewrite # 8.

That better not be the last beer, or I will end you. )

Title: Sparkly Balloons! Eleventy!!1!

Summary: Jensen and Jared meet for the first time.

Author's Notes: ryo_girl on SPN Story Finders was looking for Jensen-and-Jared bonding fic, around the time that the boys first met. And she got no hits. And the plot-bunny clung to my leg and gave me the Big Sad Eyes of Doom. And then there was fic. No beta, cuz I'm a rebel like that. As far as I know, Jared does not have sequined pink flipflops, but I got a pair of them for a guy friend as a gag, and HE WEARS THEM. Like, IN PUBLIC. I don't know if he's trying psychological prank warfare or what. But that's where that came from.

Disclaimer: There's no overt slash, so this may have actually happened. I kind of doubt it, though. Either way, I make no profit.

A pink tornado blew in. )

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Title: Near You Always --a thousand kisses to follow--

Summary: End of the last day of shooting for Season Two.

Characters: J2

Rating: PG

Warnings: Enough saccharine sweetness to rot yo' teeth. Schedule a dental appointment after reading.

Author's Notes: This is a scene following the end of Part 19 for Near You Always. Y'know, if that was written yet. This scene just jumped into my head. That happens sometimes.

Beta: My darling officemate Luann! \o/ *smishes her like whoa* Even though she doesn't read HTML or J2 (she 'ships Ron/Hermoine. *shudder*), I press-ganged her into beta-ing this for me.

clicky )
Near You Always -- the mysterious one, with dark eyes and careless hair --

Summary: Jensen is a hard person to get to know. Like a closed book. (Part 4 of 19)

Rating: *blows a raspberry* I hate doing these. This will be NC-17 at Chapter 10 (there are addictions to feed, and there are mouths to pay). Until then, it's...not.

Disclaimer: I have as much claim to the boys as everyone else in coastal BC. Which is...oh, let me think...none. Used without permission, no profit being made, blah blah disclaimery goodness.

Author's Notes: I am updating as fast as I can! And that may include a delay in answering comments sometimes. That doesn't mean I don't read them and love them, because I do! Every comment is like a little orgasm in my brain (okay, that was way less creepy in my head). And, um, yeah. My brain is stalled. I have so many updates for different series that are ALMOST finished, and I just need, like...chocolate. A new muse. A kick in the ass with an old boot. Something. But, anyway. I ran out of other people's fic to binge on, so here. Have some Domestic 'verse.

Jensen was gorgeous to begin with-Jensen cooking and singing was a cross between really fucking cute and really fucking hot. )

Okay, first of all, since when am I a home for wayward muses?  Dammit, people, keep them leashed!  I have one Muse (best friend, roommate, purveyor of inspiration, fashion consultant and occasional pain in my ass) and that's how I like it.  All of a sudden there are muses gadding about who do not belong here.  This new submissive-slightly-broken-Jensen-porn!muse who showed up the other night has expensive taste in CDs; and the dark-dominant-Jared-porn!muse just plain SCARES ME.  *facepalm* Stop laughing, you unsympathetic cows.  Will their minders just come and claim them please?  I am not taking boarders at this time, and as much as you all seem to be enjoying the evil hotness, I already have more WIPs than I know what to do with (the ones posted on my LJ are only the tip of the iceberg).  This post is going to be my last foray into dominant Jared porn.  *stands corrected*  Second last.  *grumbles*  And then I am turning off the Nine Inch Nails and putting on something soothing, like Zeppelin (yes, I find Led Zeppelin soothing.  Quiet, you.) and going back to work on Near You Always.  NO MORE PORN.  Ok, except for this porn.  *points down*

Title: turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky; the more i give to you the more i die
Author: mass_hipgnosis
Pairing(s)/Character(s): ja/jp
Rating: NC-17 for slashy goodness, bossy!Jared, bondage and angst.
Summary: Jensen's so pretty when he begs.
Disclaimer: Waiter?  Reality check please?  This is (probably) all a product of my sick, twisted imagination.  On the off chance that Jensen and Jared have actually DONE any of this, I hope they took pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.
Author's Notes: This follows
will you bite the hand that feeds? will you chew until it bleeds? but it's not like this um...trilogy(?) has any redeeming plot whatsoever and therefore needs to be read at all in order.  Feel free to check it out if you want more of this insanity.  Just click the tag "winning friends through GAY PORN!" below.

Summary: Jared sees Jensen kissing someone else, and has something to say about it.

Rating: NC-17 for graphic, dark, "I'm gonna do you, right here, and you're gonna like it" sex, and excessive use of the word 'fuck' as a noun, verb, and adjective.

Vancouver is just a ferry ride away.  If I even suspected they were doing this, I would not be writing, I would be gawking.  If I owned them, I would be filming it.  Alas...

Near You Always -- don't think you realize the power you have over me --

Summary: Jensen realizes just how big a part of his life Jared has become.  Part 3 of 19 (and counting).

Rating: *blows a raspberry*  I hate doing these. This will be NC-17 at Chapter 10 (there are addictions to feed, and there are mouths to pay).  Until then, it's...not.

Disclaimer: If Jared and Jensen were really having hot sex, they wouldn't hide.  We would have a parade, and they know it.  This is all in my twisted imagination.

Near You Always -- the shaking finger of consequence --

Summary: Jensen tries not to care what people think. (Part two, lots.)

Rating: PG at this point. This will get steadily more mature in content and be NC-17 at about Chapter 10. If you're not into that, just thought I'd warn you ahead of time.

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize, and the boys own each other themselves.  My Auntie Deb is ok with being used as a 'character' in one of my stories (although I didn't tell her what it was about) but no one else gave me permission.

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Okay, so the Muse is on the warpath because I have not updated any of the three as-yet unfinished fics I already have posted here, but I have been reading lots of J2 lately and thought I'd try my hand at writing it.  Near You Always has gone through many incarnations prior to people besides the Muse reading it.  Currently my outline is for 15 chapters and I have the first three written.  I decided to post the first chapter on a couple of J2 communities and if I don't get any interest, then I'll backburner it and finish my Supernatural fic instead.

Near You Always
-- we must ask ourselves to get any answers --

Summary: The boys wonder why everyone thinks they're lovers.

Disclaimer: The Jared and Jensen that live in my head must do my slashy bidding.  The real ones, not so much, as I have never met them (although if I visited my family in Vancouver more often, that might change).

Rating: This will be NC-17 at about Chapter 10.  If you're not into that, just thought I'd warn you ahead of time.





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