....so I will put it out into the ether before I freak and delete it, or something. I don't know! /o\ I think this is related to the last D/s pornlet, but my fingers didn't consult me before they started writing this. This is not a proper fic, and therefore does not get a header, but blah blah NC-17 blah blah disclaimer-cakes.

start bending me (until i'm completely broken) )
I have just been over here writing incestuous popslash. WHAT.

[livejournal.com profile] ashavahishta has CRUELLY ABANDONED ME THE INTERNET to go to a concert but she did leave me with some lovely prompts I need to finish. Quite a few. Because I am her commentfic bitch, apparently (she won me in a prison fight wank war). SO. Here is my to-do list for today.

1. Go to Starbucks. DONE.

1b. Purchase delicious latte. DONE.

2. Finish the following ficlets:

...Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? DONE.
Hush (Don't Say A Word) WATCH THIS SPACE.
Do Sexbots Dream Of Electric Sheep?
You Are Whatever A Moon Has Always Meant DONE.
all the times i've given in (you fit me like a second skin) SIX PARTS AND COUNTING. BREVITY FAIL.
Broken English 9
broken words, never meant to be spoken 5 4! IT IS 5! *EPIC* NUMERACY FAIL.

2b. Additionally, make a further dent in this year's [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang, A Durable Fire, and that as-yet-untitled gypsy epic I am writing for [livejournal.com profile] rei_c. ETA: ahahahaha I am foolishly optimistic.

That's doable, right? RIGHT? GUYS??!?!
Watching the live@much JoBros thing, since I missed it on Thursday. Holy shit. I remember seeing big name bands doing the live@much at the height of their popularity, like the Backstreet Boys (yes, I used to like them, I was twelve, WHAT) and Nickelback and holy shitballs, they never had to shut down the street before. And oh my God, so many awkward questions. Their dating lives, boxers or briefs...poor Nick he looked like he kind of wanted to hide when she asked about Miley. And it was cute how Joe and Nick kept trying to scoot closer to each other without actually moving their chairs. Woobie boyfriends!
Title: In The Pink

Summary: Joe wakes up with no memory. And then there's porn.

Rating: NC-17

Fandom: Jonas Brothers

Word Count: ~2400

Disclaimer: I am a lying liar who lies.

Warnings: underage m/m incest, sudden onset retrograde amnesia, possible consent issues arising from same.

Author's Notes: Written for the 4th Annual Crack!Fic Challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] boyfriends_fic: amnesia!crack for [livejournal.com profile] misskittye, who is not, as she claims, lame, but in fact new and exciting kinds of awesome for gifting me with this bunny. And as soon as I complained to her about the porn thwarting me, it practically WROTE ITSELF.

Nick wakes up to Joe staring at him. Which makes it a day ending in 'y.' )


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