Bandom/Men In Black fusion fic. Spencer is LVPD. He sees something he shouldn't and his old BFF Ryan who MYSTERIOUSLY VANISHED after high school shows up in a dark suit and RECRUITS HIM. Brendon is an intergalactic political refugee hiding on Earth who excuses his weirdness as being MORMON, and Spencer and Ryan have to FIND HIM and hand him over to the enemies that took over his planet because they are threatening to destroy the Earth. Only Spencer FALLS IN LOVE and REFUSES and there is an EPIC BATTLE. BOB BRYAR AS RIP TORN'S CHARACTER.

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( May. 18th, 2009 09:39 pm)
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Title: The Bird Phoenix

Summary: Brendon has a...condition. With feathers. And Spencer is too nosy for his own good, and also stealthy like a ninja. Except not. And Hans Christien Andersen is a prick who didn't get the details right. Or maybe no one told him. And Jon and Ryan are stoner boyfrands in luuurrrve.

Pairing: Spencer/Brendon (OTP, I can haz it?) with background Jon/Ryan.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: ~6000

Disclaimer: HAAAAAAAAA. This bears no resemblance to reality. Gabe Saporta, if you're reading this (we KNOW you drink the Kool-Aid read the fanfiction, kay?) it is crazy enough to be appropriate for Cobra Starship storytime, but please don't send a link to Panic. Knowing just how batshit insane their fans are would probably make them sad. Or make them take out a restraining order. And on that note, don't sue me unless you want an antisocial Manx cat, a collection of Happy Bunny merchandise, and 87 pairs of shoes.

Warnings: may contain drug use, wings (not the edible kind), misuse of children's fairy tales, made up Egyptian legends, scientifically improbable so-called 'facts,' bad puns, faily boys, insecure!Spencer, coming in pants, run-on sentences, extraneous commas, abuse of ellipses and italic text, everything but the kitchen sink, a kitchen sink, and possible probable insanity on the part of the author. DON'T COME CRYING TO ME THAT IT WAS RIDICULOUS. YOU WERE WARNED.

Author's Notes: IDEK, guys. I'm originally from the SPN fandom, where wings are canon (OMG HAI CASS!). Can that be my excuse? I would be sorrier for this, and probably would not have inflicted it on you, if there was more Spencer/Brendon out there, but I've only been in this fandom for a few weeks and I think I've already read it ALL, so. Um. Here? *ducks and runs*

Seriously. How is this his life? )

Title: Bunk'd

Summary: Sometimes it's really hard to get William Beckett out of his bunk. He's stronger than he looks. But Brendon has an idea... (This is set sometime during the Nintendo Fusion tour, during which, I am aware, Panic was in a van, not a bus, but none of the rest of this happened either, so just suspend your disbelief on that one, kay?).

Pairing: pre-Brendon/Jon.

Rating: PG-13? Probably not even that.

Disclaimer: In the immortal words of Frank Iero's t-shirt, "Don't Google Yourself." It's good advice, kids.

Author's Notes: Not abandoning my OTP. I dreamed this the other night, IDK guys. Just a silly piece of fluff, plz not to be taking seriously.

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work? A stick. )

( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )


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