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( Mar. 26th, 2012 01:48 am)
It's not you, it's me. Really. I don't have internet at home due to budget issues and all my friends have adorable children, which means in the get paid to babysit adorable children vs. $5 coffee so I can use the internet war with regards to leisure time, internet generally loses. Sorry.
Or; Five Ways RL Has Beaten Me Up, Then Kicked Me While I Was Down

1. Swine Flu

2. Car Accident

3. Having to move...TWICE

4. Support one (1) cousin through rehab and assorted life-fixing aftermath (for alcohol)

5. Support one (1) cousin through rehab (post-brain damage, incurred due to drunken shenanigans; not the same cousin, because my family is AWESOME like that)

You want more? I got more!

So...I am still writing. Sort of. It's been mostly for pleasure (i.e. as an escape from the suckitude of RL) so I don't have anything finished, but I am still WRITING. And I really WILL complete everything I owe from help_haiti, I WILL REALLY, I AM SORRY FOR BEING A HORRIBLE PERSON WHO FAILS AT DEADLINES.
Just sold my soul to Telus and got a new laptop and three guaranteed years of high-speed DSL. And by guaranteed, I mean I have to pay for them whether I use them or not. *is sheepish* Working for a cellular provider, I know better, but I still got distracted by The Big Shiny. The laptop has Vista, but I will get my little tech-bitch to fix that. So very soon, darling flist, I will be spamming you with fic like EVERY DAY! I know you are so excited to hear that. Really. Don't try to hide it.

K. I will try not to spam you too much.

Shiny Intarwebs! \o/
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( Nov. 15th, 2007 06:36 pm)
Can I quit life for a week?  Just one week.  Just long enough to miss Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year.  Lots of impatient stupid people who ask me questions and then don't listen when I talk.  Yeah, I'll pass.

Except for the part where I can't.  EVERYBODY has to work Black Friday.  *pouts*
so, it started like this.

I took a leave-of-abscence from my job, because they were making me insane in the head a little bit. I thought I would quit smoking, get in shape, relax, visit my family, get lots of writing done.

did that. but not like I thought I would.

There was also skinny-dipping, and getting extremely drunk and stoned with my mother, and my dog had puppies, and I almost had an affair with my MARRIED ex, and I have a million-and-a-half ideas on the go and not enough time to finish them all, and the J2 fandom ATE MY BRAIN and yeh.

and then last night I was posessed by the dominant!Jared muse, and I wrote dark porn until ridiculously late and then had a cigarette.

I hadn't had one since MARCH.

*hangs head in shame*

okay then. methinks it's time I went back to work.

Cause I love you guys, here's the quote of the day

"The heart has reasons that reason knows not of."

and now have some links so you know why I have been neglecting my fic, because these ladies are awesome with a side of fries and YOU MUST READ THEM!

do eeeet. you know you wanna.

cherryscott's Damaged 'verse (JP/DW suspend your disbelief from the ceiling and read it. bitch.)

keepaofthecheez(lindsay)'s there's a piece of a puzzle known as life (JP/JA AU)

missbegonia's What a Good Boy (JP/JA AU)


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