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( Feb. 11th, 2010 06:07 pm)
Was hanging out with the Muse's little sister the other day...let's call her 'Blonde,' since she is. NEway, was tutoring Blonde in math, and when we were done with that she went on my laptop since she is, I believe, physically addicted to Facebook. And she was showing me different photo galleries of her friends and stuff, and one of the new ones was from a guy she knows. The pics were of him and his, at first I thought, BF, and there was shirtless cuddling and neck-kissing and making out, all from the classic one-handed self-photo angle. Emo-bangs pretty boys macking on each other? Hawt. She was going for the euwww reaction, to which I said, "Homophobia is lame, sweetie," and she was all, "No, that's not why it's gross!" since they are both IN HER CLASS and they are FRATERNAL TWINS. IDK why a teenager would post pictures like that ON FB for people to, like, see? I mean, it was flocked, but still. IDK why, I'm just thankful. RL brother-boyfriends, kinky.

...why do I feel like more of a perv for thinking that than for SLASHING THE JONAS BROTHERS?


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