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Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 56.
Go to the third paragraph.
Find the fifth sentence.

Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

"We have had no choice but to release the skeletal remains for burial, since it appears no trial will ever be held."

Dead Men Do Tell Tales, William R. Maples Ph.D. and Michael Browning.

This was at the top of the teetering stack on my night table; my idea of light bedtime reading is a little forensic anthropology, since if I start a fiction book I'll be up reading it all night.

RL updatey stuff, cut for the sake of your flist... )
Our team is getting moved to a new section of the building on Monday. Some of us may have to share desk space with agents on other shifts (e.g. some morning-shift agents start at 4 am, which means they're done by the time I start work at 1:30 pm). *iz squicked* I just...don't share well. I'm an only child, I find the whole concept of sharing unnatural. I like my desk to be MY DESK. With my stuff around me, and free of anybody else's germs. Just...ew. *shudder*

Oh, GAWD, I'm an adult, really, I swear. I can play nice in the sandbox with the other boys and girls...I just don't want to. Any advice from the flist on how to stop acting five?
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( May. 11th, 2008 06:12 am)
Y'all, they left me in charge again. I got in to work expecting to, uh, work. That is apparently entirely unreasonable. Instead I am a glorified babysitter for 2 teams whose ACTUAL supervisors are out sick and in meetings, respectively. So here I am with none of the logins I need to do MY job, much less a job I am not sufficiently trained for. My boss called it a trial by fire. I told him I have pyrophobia. He laughed, and here I am anyway...

Ah, corporate America. You amuse me so. Never change.

Oh god, y'all, I'm borked again! I had sufficient systems access to take calls for about three weeks (even though I'm not supposed to be taking calls anymore, GRRR!) and now they bollocksed everything up again. Color me impressed. The only thing I have sys permish to do is take TTY calls. Do you know how often deaf people need to call their PHONE COMPANY? Yeah. They're not going to pay me to sit here and wait for a call that may be three hours in coming. Instead, they are paying me to *insert drumroll plz* ....SIT HERE! AHAHAHA! I'm helping look after the agents of a supe who is on vacation. I'm a glorified babysitter, basically.

These so-called 'adults' actually take a lot of watching.

So here's the deal. I can access IJ at work (oddly, LJ is blocked for security reasons. Go figure), which makes it an ideal place to;

1. store a backup copy of all my fic, just in case LJ/Sixapart has another delete-fest or gets snarky about the whole m/m incest thing.

2. put all my WIPs somewhere where I can work on them no matter where I am (home, work, Muse's house, Outer Mongolia, etc).

Because I get asked a lot if I am planning on working on/finishing certain things, I'mma leave all my WIPs open to everybody. Feel free to snoop, comment, beta-read, leave concrit, or comment-prompt me.

My IJ, she is here.

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( Apr. 9th, 2008 07:45 pm)
TTY training is very amusing. And also kind of fascinating. They're training us in Tier 3 Tech for TTY/TDD compatible devices. And I like knowing things that other people don't know. *feels superior*

In other news, Jared may be engaged to Sandy, but Jeff Morgan just broke his engagement with his Weeds co-star chick. Jeff/Jensen porn? Anyone? Bueller?
Another supervisor call. Taken by me, the non-supervisor. Not that it matters. Even the CEO (if he ever took calls) would have to obey policy. If they want someone else to yell at, 's fine with me.

ETA: And tomorrow they are training me for ANOTHER department. One that I can't be in until I'm able to take e-mails. AHAHAHA! I'm like a money pit.
AHAHAHA. I got in to work today expecting to, uh, work. You know, in the department that I am supposed to be in. Silly me. I AM THE APRIL FOOL! \o/ The only difference between doing my job and smoking crack is that you don't get paid for smoking crack. LOL. My porn-fu is EPIC today, apparently, so have some Bobby/Bela. Your $$$ at work, people. They pay me to sit here, and that leads to porn.
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( Mar. 26th, 2008 10:10 pm)

They put me in charge like I know what I'm doing. AHAHAHAHA! One of the supervisors went home sick and I'm looking after her agents tonight. And by looking after I mean I'm letting them do whatever they want while I play on the computer. Swing shift agents are very self-sufficient; they know how to READ and THINK. These are startling concepts for a dayshift agent.

Can you tell I'm biased?

I just took a supe call. I am SO NOT a supervisor, but at 9 p.m. on a Wednesday? There's no one else here. Caveat Emptor...anyone can say they are a supervisor. As long as they sound confident, how will you know?

I feel like doing a Quote of the Day. I haven't done one in a while.

"Tis better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."


Anyway, have some Point of No Return 'verse. Not that anyone seems to read it, but apparently the Muse doesn't care. I told her she can have two more and then she's not allowed to play in that (dusty, fucked-up) corner of my brain anymore.

HA! Like she listens.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous, y'all. If they would pay me to do WHATEVER I WANT, I would be all over that shit. But actually doing nothing? Sucks. I'm seriously ready to kill somebody to get my logins. My boss' solution to this is to groom me for management pretty much against my will. *manic laughter* Can you picture me in management?
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( Mar. 6th, 2008 10:34 pm)
For the last week and a half, I have been getting paid to do nothing. Quite literally. My computer logins have been disabled, and corporate has not managed to get around to fixing them, what with the Suncom merger. So I come in to work, and I answer questions from new agents. Most of whom don't have questions, but they're new, which means I have to stand there IN CASE they have questions. For eight hours. At $11.25 an hour plus an 11% shift differential. Plus bonuses.

*sarcastic applause* You go, T-Mobile. Well played all around.

P.S. Getting paid to do nothing is not actually as appealing as it sounds.
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( Feb. 19th, 2008 06:20 pm)
My bosses are still S-M-R-T. Am trying this new thing where I don't care, and instead just sit at my desk and do my best Ben Stein imitation and hit buttons like the faceless data-monkey that I am.

So far, not sucessful. I haven't quite been broken of this irritating urge to actually HELP customers. One would think 2 & 1/2 years would have sufficiently destroyed any magnanimous tendencies or pride in my work.

*le sigh*

Maybe I won't care when I come back from vacation. Also new laptop next week! Hopefully!
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( Feb. 6th, 2008 07:49 pm)
I hate my life. Tradsies? Anyone? Bueller?

Scratch that. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, never mind my flist.

I am suddenly very much in sympathy with anyone who's ever threatened to bomb a call center.
Flexpay go die now. For serious. Is it possible that Robert Dotson and Sue Nokes are just playing an elaborate practical joke on America?
*please please please*
No such luck so far.
Once again, my company is paying me to learn stuff I already know. Redundancy, thy name is T-Mobile. Web Corr FTW! \o/

Web Corr is like Customer Care except by e-mail. We are the only center that does online support for Customer Care. Because we are THAT awesome. And that's cool and all, teach me how to use the e-mail tool, go nuts, but I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A RATE PLAN. HONEST.

Today we learned about the different kinds of phones that we sell. Because I didn't learn that when I USED TO ACTIVATE THEM. Or back when I USED TO DO TECH SUPPORT FOR THEM. Apparently. *facepalm* Their logic bears no resemblance to actual logic.

Being paid to do nothing is not nearly as appealing as it sounds. On the flip side, now that my trainer completely ignores me because I know EVERYTHING, much work has been done on my super-seekrit BigBang fic.
I moved here to get AWAY from snow. Out on the west coast, not known for snow!!! What. The FUCK. Srsly.

Ok, I just had to whine about it for a minute. I'm done. Really.
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( Nov. 15th, 2007 06:36 pm)
Can I quit life for a week?  Just one week.  Just long enough to miss Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year.  Lots of impatient stupid people who ask me questions and then don't listen when I talk.  Yeah, I'll pass.

Except for the part where I can't.  EVERYBODY has to work Black Friday.  *pouts*
I kind of hate my job today. Like, a lot. For some reason, all the morons have my extension number. WTF?!? And I'm not talking about, say, people who don't speak very good english. I'm infinite in my patience for them, as long as they're not rude. No, I'm talking some 23-year-old asshole sales rep from NYC who thinks he's the shiznit and is too busy trying to look good to pay attention to the conversation, so that every time I say something, his reply is, 'say what now?'

And one more thing-Activations and Consumer Credit gives credit approval for new lines, and then activates them. Hence the name. WE ARE NOT A HELPDESK FOR EVERY OTHER GODDAMN DEPARTMENT IN THE COMPANY!!!! JUST BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO DO YOUR JOB DOES NOT MEAN I WILL!!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP GETTING PISSY WITH ME WHEN I TELL YOU TO DO IT YOURSELF!!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GETTING PAID FOR ANYWAY?!?!?! *growl grunt snort* *pant pant pant sigh*

Sorry. I feel better now. So, listen, if y'all could refrain from buying any new cell phones until after Thanksgiving weekend, and if someone is willing to beta schmoopy unfinished Jsquared written in HTML (you don't have to beta my coding-I know that part is right); and give me feedback and hold my hand while I flail about like a mad thing, that would be awesomesauce, and would result in me getting to New Year's Eve in the fic before actual New Year's Eve (right now it is at least 4 veerryyy long chapters away).

And also, for SPN idea bajillion and one, I was going to do Sam and Dean developing an idioglossia (autonomous secret language, sometimes called 'twin language') as children and using it into adulthood. This is RARE, especially for singletons, but it HAS HAPPENED. I HAVE CASE STUDIES, I TELL YOU! But is this just me being fascinated by abnormal developmental psych, or if I threw in some wincest, would anyone, like, want to actually read that? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh. And. I have finally got my act together sort of why not, and put up a sticky post for my fic, complete with anchor tags and other goodness, so that it's up at the top and easy to find; and I have also started a sticky recs post, organized by fandom, that I will continue to update as RL allows. I also picked a new layout so that the text size on my old posts is readable for people using Windows (I have Linux at home and discovered that what was displaying as a comfy font size on my computer was TEENYTINY for all y'all-sorry about that).

...and some random things that make me less homicidal happy.

I hate FlexPay! I hate it SO SO MUCH!!!! I swear the marketing meeting went like this:

Robert Dotson (CEO, T-Mobile USA): Let's make it so customers who have bad credit or don't want a contract can still have nationwide rate plans and cheap phones.

Marketing Team: Great idea! Quality work, Bobby! do we do that?

RD: We bill them for the service a month in advance, instead of them having to pay a deposit. And they can have another account for overages that they can top up with prepaid cards, so that they can't rack up overage that they don't have the money for.

MT: Awesome! Let's get it in a test market right away!

RD: No, let's not bother. We'll just test it on a national level without retraining our reps, put all kinds of restrictions in the fine print, and add some nonnegotiable additional fees that are impossible to justify to the customer.

MT: WTF? O-kayyyyy...why?

RD: To see if we can make a rep's head explode!

MT: *facepalm*

RD: It''ll be funny!

MT: *headdesk*

This is why Robert Dotson sucks.

In other news, I have found a site that I love. You all totally have to check out the most awesomesauce HTML tutorial EVER!

See that? See the way that pretty link opened in a seperate window and everything? *is so proud of herself* I totally understand how it works now and I love, LOVE this site! I want to marry it and have its' flawlessly formatted children.

Ok, that might be going a little far.

So it's my first day back after my leave of abscence. They're retraining me.


At first I was all, WTF? A monkey could do this job. Do you seriously think I forgot everything I learned over the past 2 years in 3 months? It was kind of insulting. But then I thought about it. I decided if they want to pay me to sit in a classroom for 2 weeks and 'learn' stuff I alredy know, I'm cool with that. And then if they want to put me in Production Academy for another 2 weeks where I can be in the 'baby queue' that only gets easy calls, and have extra supervisor bitchez to answer my questions and fetch me things (they're not actually there to fetch me things, but that doesn't stop me from sending them out for Starbucks), I'm cool with that too. It's a ridiculous waste of money, but hey-it's their money.

Well, y'know, until they give it to me.


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