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( Apr. 9th, 2008 07:45 pm)
TTY training is very amusing. And also kind of fascinating. They're training us in Tier 3 Tech for TTY/TDD compatible devices. And I like knowing things that other people don't know. *feels superior*

In other news, Jared may be engaged to Sandy, but Jeff Morgan just broke his engagement with his Weeds co-star chick. Jeff/Jensen porn? Anyone? Bueller?
AHAHAHA. I got in to work today expecting to, uh, work. You know, in the department that I am supposed to be in. Silly me. I AM THE APRIL FOOL! \o/ The only difference between doing my job and smoking crack is that you don't get paid for smoking crack. LOL. My porn-fu is EPIC today, apparently, so have some Bobby/Bela. Your $$$ at work, people. They pay me to sit here, and that leads to porn.
Once again, my company is paying me to learn stuff I already know. Redundancy, thy name is T-Mobile. Web Corr FTW! \o/

Web Corr is like Customer Care except by e-mail. We are the only center that does online support for Customer Care. Because we are THAT awesome. And that's cool and all, teach me how to use the e-mail tool, go nuts, but I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A RATE PLAN. HONEST.

Today we learned about the different kinds of phones that we sell. Because I didn't learn that when I USED TO ACTIVATE THEM. Or back when I USED TO DO TECH SUPPORT FOR THEM. Apparently. *facepalm* Their logic bears no resemblance to actual logic.

Being paid to do nothing is not nearly as appealing as it sounds. On the flip side, now that my trainer completely ignores me because I know EVERYTHING, much work has been done on my super-seekrit BigBang fic.
Whoever coined the phrase 'caveat emptor' was probably bleeding from the asshole.

Here's a few tips to keep you from getting fucked when dealing with a bureaucracy, from that lovely law-enforcement cliche, the Miranda Warning. I'm going to use examples from the cellular industry since that's the one I work in, but this can be used for dealing with any bank, internet provider, or other company in the service industry...

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