This is BigBang check-in! [ profile] hunters_retreat, [ profile] kirusai, I'm looking in your direction! These are my totals:

Jonas BigBang 15K DUE JULY 1ST: 1037 words
J2 BigBang 20K DUE MAY 1ST: 1971 words
Bandom BigBang 20K DUE APRIL 30TH: 806 words
Merlin BigBang 20K NO DUE DATE YET: 975 words

How are you doing?

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It is! Or at least it is supposed to be, assuming that sometime between now and May, I resolve my problem of NOT BEING ABLE TO WRITE MY WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG.

/o\ _ o _

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I'm really excited for your J2 BigBang. lol, well obviously. So um.... did you get my email?

From: [identity profile]

Sorry, I've been kinda stalking you. /o\
You should also have a pm and another comment from me... It's about your permission for Juice817 to record "Imprint" as an audiofic. (I won one of her recordings at help_haiti)

(repost to fix the typos..)

From: [identity profile]

REALLY? \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

*koff*, I mean. *pretends to be cool* That'd be okay, I guess.

*NOT dancing around the room AT ALL. Really.*

From: [identity profile]

\O/ Yay!

*runs off to tell her*

Since she was awesome enough to allow me to pick a story that exceeds her original word limit it'll probably take a while longer to get finished. But I'm sure she'll contact you when it's done. Or I will :).

From: [identity profile]

It's posted! :D

And she did such an awesome job with it, too!!

From: [identity profile]


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You are wwwaaayyyy ahead of my on word count :P I haven't even started most of my bangs! I did just complete my J2everafter story though, which came in over 2K, and i'm finishing up my pictures2words story now. So... it's about time to start to really focus on the Bangs for me :P So... here we go :P

Apocabigbang 1st draft already in: 15,700
Small Fandom BigBang 20K due 03/12: 0
AU BigBang 15K due 04/04: 187
Sn_cross BigBang 15K due 04/09: The SG-1/SPN cross - 8806
Sn_cross BigBang 15K due 04/09: The Die Hard/SPN cross - 279
Numb3rs BigBang 20K due 05/31: 0
spn_j2_BigBang: 20K due 05/01: 0

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I saw your name wasn't on the list of RPS authors at [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang (unless I'm an idiot and missed it). Does this mean we're not getting the Imprint sequel? I was really looking forward to it. That was my most favorite fic from last year. I hope we get to see it sometime, even if it's not for Big Bang...
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I did the exact same thing and am also sad that it doesn't look like we're getting the sequel this year for BB. :( Imprint is one of my most favourite stories! I love bonded!boys.

From: [identity profile]

Well, on the bonded!boys note, both my story and [ profile] surevesta's story feature bonded!boys, both J2, though obviously in different ways than it happens in the Imprint universe.

I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that [ profile] mass_hipgnosis graces us with the Imprint sequel someday soon. I'd really, really love to see it!
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From: [identity profile]

Seriously? *Squee!* I love bonded!boys so much. Thanks for the head's up!

From: [identity profile]

Yep! Mine (To Dream, Perchance to Live) goes up on June 10, which OMG so close, and hers (The Word of Us) goes up on July 23. :D
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From: [identity profile]

*waves* Sorry to be a pain, but I'm just wondering if there is any word on the Imprint sequel? I just read it again and I love it so much. Wheee!


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