For the fifty or so people who have demanded, WHERE IS THE MOAR? rest assured I have a sequel planned, that will be from Jared's perspective hopefully and will deal with the documentary and going home to the Ackles' for Christmas and Jensen's past and there will be some ChrisandSTEEEVE and movie offers and JDM being awesome and yes, there will maybe even be ACTUAL SEX, who knows? I've had this sequel in the works in my head since I realized I didn't have time to write 50,000 more words before the deadline. Imprint is just the start of their story, and the sequel will be MUCH longer, and tenatively titled A Durable Fire, from the quote, "But true love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead, from itself never turning." I plan to start writing it once I've finished my other summer writing commitments; it will be the longest fic I've ever written and quite honestly I doubt it will be done before about this time next year, so expect it for BigBang 2010!
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banner by [ profile] bloodquartz

Title: Imprint

Summary: In a world where love at first sight is a documented scientific phenomenon, and potentially lethal, Jared and Jensen still meet for the first time when they've both been chosen for Supernatural; things just go a little differently after that.

Pairing: J2

Rating: R, that's right, no porn in this one, guys! *hides from flist*

Disclaimer: Like, seriously? This is 5000000% made up. I promise.

Warnings: Mentions of childhood sexual abuse. It takes place prior to the fic and there are no flashbacks or graphic description.

Author's Notes and Thank Yous: This is kind of a Frankenstein mishmash of imprinting from the Twilight series, and real actual love at first sight, and, like, fantasy romance novel soul mate bonds. Plus some medical-type stuff. Also, I am aware that my updates for the Near You Always 'verse are a billion years overdue. Sorry. It's just that you go on a little hiatus and all of a sudden you are no longer writing fiction. WTF! Extended notes on this 'verse and the insanity that is my brain can be found in the Special Features I will put up sometime this week. Beta by [ profile] vindictive87, who was with me from the very beginning of this monster, and with thanks to my BFF extraordinaire comma Esquire, the Muse, who gave this a last look-see when [ profile] vindictive87 wasn't able to get the final draft beta'd and back to me in time. Also, hugs and chocolate to my flisty darling [ profile] justthismorning, who made my mock-Wikipedia article on Imprinting look like an actual Wikipedia article (the girl's got skills!) and [ profile] bloodquartz, who made my gorgeous banner, as well as a ton of other beautiful art that I will probably spend the rest of the week drooling over.

Art: The gorgeous art from [ profile] bloodquartz is over here. Go look at it and tell her how awesome it is!


Imprinting on Wikipedia

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